Saturday, February 23, 2008

Things Are Not Adding Up

I apologize for devoting so much 'space' to this Park & Rec issue, but this thing really has me buffaloed. Board members received copies of a 2-page "Financial Detail Report" from Cheryl Swisher, for fiscal year 7/2006 to 6/2007 related to P&R. This is how it reads:

Total for #190 (Other Personal Services): $28,878.00
Total for #213 (Social Security-Cert.): $406.43
Total for #220 (Retirement - Noncertificated): $4,042.92
Total for #229 (Other Noncertificated Retire): $1,601.02
Total for #251 (Medical/Hospitalization-Noncrt): $285.08
Total for #252 (Life - Noncert.): $0.87 (you read it right!)
Total for #253 (Dental - Noncert.): $18.55
Total for #260 (Insurance - Wrkrs Comp/Disabil): $500.00

(pg 2) Grand Total: $35,732.87

I have to ask Cheryl, but I think the numbers refer to account numbers.

Beyond that, where is the breakdown for that huge "Other Personal Services"? According to a list we received, a total of $21,850 is spent on directors' salaries. Some is paid for referees and umpires . . . what is making up the difference here??

There were also hourly positions listed: Soccer Spring field maintenance @$8; Concession help @$8; Baseball field maintenance @$8; Football field maintenance @$8; Soccer field maintenance @$8; and Arts & Crafts help @$10 per hour. I do not have a total of what these hourly people were paid in fiscal year 2006-07.

I just learned that Village Council requires any expenditure of their monies by P&R to be run past them first for approval. Has that happened at the School Board level as well?

Pam Moore of Village Council has reminded us that the physical parks are all owned and maintained by the Village. If Swanton had no recreation programs, these parks would still be maintained. The levy money through the school district is for the programs only.

Does $58,000 to $60,000 of taxpayer money sound like a lot to run sports programs? This is not including the money generated from fees, concession sales, etc.

What's wrong with this picture??

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