Friday, June 27, 2008

June Progress

The June meeting of the BOE ended with some positive steps "forward", in my opinion.

Angela Lutz was hired to replace retiring Linda Reeves at Crestwood. All of our retiring staff were honored that evening as well. I will especially miss Carolyn Short, who was the principal at Park School where I was able to volunteer my Friday mornings in the library.

One critical position that needs to be filled is that of someone to head up our cafeterias. Know anyone with experience who might be interested? If so, let Paulette Baz know right away! Other positions are also advertised, and interviews are continuing.

The board approved having our treasurer take the next step in our plan to place a reduced income tax levy on the November ballot. The current levy collects at 1.25% - our proposal is to lower it to 0.75%.

We also had further discussion about allowing the current Permanent Improvement levy roll off, and instead moving inside millage to PI in its place. This would result in a decrease in property taxes for our residents. No vote was taken on this issue that night.

A new board newsletter was approved, and will go to print this week. We hope to improve communications with all of our residents on district issues, and this newsletter will be a good start. I did notice, however, that Dennis Heban edited his original article and removed all reference to a blog. . . not sure why. Maybe his statement that we plan to update the website was thought to encompass the addition of a blog. We'll see!

You should be getting your copy soon, so let us know what you think - good, bad, or indifferent. We can't improve something if we don't know what needs attention, and we are relying on YOU to help us!

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