Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some Thoughts from Dennis Heban, President BOE

Dennis Heban is the current president of the School Board. The other day, he shared a few thoughts that he indicated could also be shared with You. Here is what he said:

One item that I might mention is that the offer that has been extended to the SEA is well within "industry standards".

It is bizarre that the SEA is even talking about a strike, given this offer. Teacher strikes occur when there is no pay raise and insurance concessions cause an actual decrease in salary. Or they occur when conditions are so deplorable that that it is near impossible to function as a teacher. We are nowhere near any of these situations. They have been offered a reasonable increase with NO insurance concessions. That is a better deal than what I signed in Delta! Our offer is reasonable, and what the industry will bear.

Also, the contradiction between statements that they are "united for kids", etc., and the fact that they are willing to walk out on them because of self-serving notions seems to be a bit conflicting to me.

Dennis Heban

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