Wednesday, December 3, 2008

November meeting

It just dawned on me that I had not posted anything about the November meeting we had. duh! We DID have a meeting, and I should have mentioned it - sorry about that.

That evening we had several students recognized for their efforts in sports. Hearing the glowing comments by the respective coaches about each of these young men and women was enlightening. You could easily see the love and respect mutually held between them.

Paulette Baz has established a Superintendent's Committee to discuss Park & Rec. Included on that committee are Pam Moore and Mike Rochelle from Village Council, Mike Wiederman and myself from the school board, and some members of Park & Rec itself, including Howard Schnabel. Two meetings have been held thus far - neither of which I was able to attend, but at our board meeting Paulette gave a quick report of what has been discusssed thus far. One important thing mentioned was the desire to work closely with Park & Rec so that a "feeder program" to school sports is established and nurtured. This and other items of business need to be fine-tuned, and the next meeting of this committee is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 3rd at the Board Office.

We did have one executive session that evening, but it wasn't overly long, thank goodness, and the entire meeting was finished at a decent hour for a change. woo-hoo!

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