Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Board Meeting

Our February Board meeting was held on the 16th of the month at the high school, so that folks could catch part of the game that evening.  We did something new that evening:  we used what is called a "consent agenda".  This allows all routine items to be grouped together for one motion and one vote, to save time.  Any board member is able to request that a particular item be removed from the consent agenda, and thus open it for further discussion.

A little brochure was made available for the first time that night.  It included information on the guidelines for public participation, chain of command, and descriptions of executive session and the consent agenda.  On the back was listed our contact information and upcoming meeting dates.  We will continue to make this brochure available at our meetings.

The new Swanton police chief, Gary Lyons, introduced himself to the Board.  He spoke about the Swanton police department working with the school district and students. 

We passed the items included within the consent agenda:  minutes from the prior January meetings, financial reports and investments and other reports from the treasurer, along with the superintendent reports.

We next went into executive session to discuss some things with our attorney, concerning a pending court action.  After we returned, the superintendent presented some new business for our consideration.  Contracts for the elementary and middle school principals were passed, along with a contract with Quandel Group to clean up the 1904 portion of the middle school. The NWOCA contract for internet services was passed, along with the NWOESC contract for 2010-2011.  We also approved several updates to our district policy manual - which is available online through the district website.  

Kris Oberheim and Michelle Tyson gave an update to the board on the Swanton Recreation program.  Mona Dyke and Michelle Tyson each spoke during the time for board comments.

We adjourned at 10:35 p.m.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 23rd, when we will continue our board orientation with information from the superintendent.

I had planned to mention podcasting digital recordings of our public meetings, but I didn't have the cost information yet.  That will need to wait until next month.  When I checked on it two years ago, there was a $5/month option available but no doubt that amount has increased.  If we could have our meetings available online so that those interested could listen, it would be a great option for our residents who are unable to attend in person.  I am especially interested in having the recordings stream live, so that no one would need to download anything.  We'll see what we can find!


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