Thursday, April 22, 2010

Listening to Meetings

Hey, has anyone tried listening to the one podcast that is online of the March board meeting?  You can find it here:  Swanton School website - BOE  look in the right side column, and click on the link.

That was our first attempt, and we realize that there is still work to be done.  But it would be helpful if we got some feedback from folks who have tried to use it.

One resident wrote to us, but not to offer positive suggestions - only to criticize.  A return email to the resident, asking for further detail, was not answered.  I specifically asked what type of internet access was used at the home (dial-up? high-speed?) and also if the same problem experienced with our podcast was also experienced with other podcasting options online, including those of Swanton Township from their website. 

No answer.

If we don't hear from folks about what they are experiencing, it is difficult to know what to improve or fix. 

Please take a minute to try it out, and then call or send an email to a board member to let us know how we may improve.  The whole purpose of recording and then podcasting our meetings is so that our residents have access to more information - that won't happen if it works so poorly that no one bothers to listen!

So let us know! 

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