Friday, January 20, 2012

Challenge to the SEA

I have just seen the most recent propaganda piece by the SEA which has charged the Board of Education with breaking Ohio law in their implementation of the contract.  Specifically, the complaint (as listed in the flyer) states that a pay freeze on steps effective Sept. 1, 2011 was implemented.

Now - all of you who have read the Swanton Enterprise Letter to the Editor by Russ Griggs know that allegation is false.  All of you who have taken the time to go to the district website and read the actual contract language know that the allegation is completely FALSE.

Yet, this is the latest tactic by the OEA rep to stir up trouble in our community, and the SEA leadership is allowing him to do it by following his directives.  In addition, he has deliberately had them LIE about the facts by filing an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) which will now require more expenditure of district money to mediate in Columbus.  While the SEA members will bear no cost in the matter, your school district is now required to use precious district funds to state their case!  It would certainly be appropriate if the charges had even a hint of truth in them, but they are patently FALSE - and what's worse is that the OEA rep know they are false! 

So here is the challenge to the SEA members in our district:  Go to the school district website, all of you, to this page  - scroll down the page to the bottom and look in the right column for this button:  Swanton Teachers Deserve a Fair Contract.  There in the center of the page, click on "2011-2012 Board Implemented Contract" and read exactly what was put into place this past December.  In other words, do not take my word for it - read it for yourself!!

Then, SEA members, read over the flyer your "leadership" just put out that charges the BOE with breaking the law.  Use that educated brain that the good Lord has given you, and decide for yourself whether the OEA rep/SEA "leadership" has told the truth in this matter. 

THEN you must do one of two things:  either stand behind what has been done, fully understanding what you're doing - OR join with the others within your membership to remove those "leaders" from their positions of authority over you, and elect new ones to take their place.  That includes your OEA rep.  You either keep them all or toss them all.

This is a watershed situation and your personal character will be revealed.  You must choose.  You either stand with the Truth, or you stand with lies.  There is no middle ground.

Which will it be??

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