Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One More Thing . . .

I neglected to mention in my earlier article that, although the authority and responsibility for these difficult decisions on reductions in force (RIFs) rests on the Board of Education, the decision was not made arbitrarily nor was it made in a vacuum.  

Over the past several weeks, meetings were held with the following groups of people:
  • Building principals
  • Transportation/Custodial Supervisors
  • Building Engineers
  • SEA Leadership
  • SSSA Leadership
  • Superintendent
  • Treasurer/CFO
Each of these groups gave their input which was carefully taken into consideration by the Board.  So as you can clearly see, the Board did their due diligence appropriately before making their decision. 

RIFs are not pleasant, but are sometimes necessary.  None of the cuts made are meant to reflect anything negative on the people currently holding these jobs. 

It was a hard decision, but our current school Board did what they were elected to do.  While we may mourn the cuts that had to be made, we should also be grateful that this group of men and women were willing to do the hard thing required of them. 

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