Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ohio Improvement Process

I was privileged to be in attendance at a couple of our district's meetings for the Ohio Improvement Process, held in Archbold. 

Our district had each building principal and several teachers from each building as well as the Superintendent involved in this process.  They used hard data obtained directly from our own district to identify where we do well and where we need to work harder.  Once this data was analyzed, teams were made to come up with strategies and an action plan to address the areas needing improvement.

This was a GREAT process.  Administration and teaching staff worked together toward a common goal.  All were able to see the data together and reason together on how best to address it. 

There was a group to focus on reading, another for math skills, and also a group for, what could be called, PR for the district, where perceptions of our district need to be improved in our buildings and community.

Having these thoughtful, talented individuals working together for the kids in our district was downright awesome.  THIS is how it's supposed to work!!

The next step in the process is for these teams to take back their findings to the buildings and engage the rest of the staff in the plans forged by their peers.  With everyone working together on the plan, we should be able to truly do a great job in educating our kids. 

I am excited!!

A comment was made to me that some of the items discussed will cost money - and my response was that THIS is the type of thing where we SHOULD be putting our district funds:  educating our kids!

I wish I could put every detail of the process on the blog so that all of you could appreciate what has happened, but that's just not possible.  However, if you'd like more information please feel free to give a call to the Superintendent or a building principal to ask them about it.  They can also give you the names of the teachers who were involved, so that you can talk with them if you want.  I really think you'll be pleased with what they have to share with you.

I don't mean to give the impression that it's all "hearts and flowers" - some serious thought and effort went into the decisions made by the groups.  And implementing their strategies will take time and effort as well.  But the result will be that our kids will read better and also do better at math - and everyone can rejoice in that!

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