Thursday, May 20, 2010


If you have been reading this blog for very long, you might notice that I often do not refer to other people directly by name.  Actually, that is my normal method - it is rare that I name someone within my writings.

That is because I want anyone happening to read this to know that I am commenting on an action or statement, and not on the person

I am perfectly comfortable agreeing or disagreeing with another person's actions or words - I can like a person and have absolutely no agreement with him or her on an issue. Conversely, it has also happened that I found myself agreeing with someone on an issue who would never be found in my circle of friends.

I realize that some folks operate on the "hate who I hate, or I'll hate you, too!" method - but I do not. That has angered some folks, but that is how I choose to do business. If that puts me in the minority, then so be it.

So if you read something here and think you recognize who I'm referencing, that is from your own sleuthing and not from me naming them or picking on an individual - unless there is good reason to do so.  That - as I said before - is rare.

Recently someone said they had been told, "well - looks like you're 'safe' this time!" in a conversation about this blog.  But I had not mentioned ANYONE's name.  Matter of fact, I haven't done that for several months now. . . 

Anyway, it is a deliberate choice on my part on when to name someone, and it is also a deliberate choice when NOT to name someone.   I hope that helps to clear up any misunderstanding out there!

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