Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Election Results

Okay!  Unless you happen to live under a rock, you know by now that our two newly elected school board members are Mike McClure and Shannon Crow.  They will be invited to participate in the interview process for the open treasurer position in our district.  Once that position is filled, the next major hiring decision of the board will be to seek a new superintendent after the first of the year.

In addition, Issue 2 has been decided - so now the teachers' union (SEA) and their OEA leader will cease their delaying tactics and let our district get back to business of contract negotiations. 

On a sad note, the Swanton library tax did not pass in Lucas County . . . probably because it is a new tax, although I have seen other jurisdictions where renewals did not pass, either.  With our economy in such a sorry state, I wonder how the school district emergency levy renewal will do this coming Spring . . . 

Fortunately, the total vote on the library was "YES"!  So that's the good news!

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