Sunday, November 20, 2011

Second Round

Our first set of interviews for the open Treasurer's position in the district went really well, and our second round was held this past week.  As a side note, only two of the five candidates had the presence of mind to send a "thank you" note after the first interview . . . it was noticed by all of us, and a good reminder to everyone out there looking for a job:  Send A "Thank You" Note after the interview!!

Newly elected board member Shannon Crow was able to attend the second round of interviews, which was admirable.  Mr. McClure was still on vacation, and unable to come.  Michelle Tyson did not participate. 

Each of our 3 finalists had plusses and minuses for us to consider.  We should be able to have a strong candidate in the treasurer's slot before January 1st. 

Our next regular board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday evening, November 22nd. 

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